Skin Care Tips While Shaving

by Gene Weitz on December 8, 2010

Skin care tips while shaving is one of the most disregarded present day male activities. In the old days, shaving was met with lots of preparations in a sort of ritualistic way. It wasn’t only the means to get rid of the facial hair but it was also a skin enhancing procedure. Shaving included using a number of skin products on the face, using heated foam, using hot towels to moisturize the skin, using brushes to spread the foam across the beard and using a straight razor to do the actual shaving.

Skin care tips while shavingAlthough proper shaving principles may have been lost because of the need to save time, there still are some things that you can try while shaving to not only make your shaving experience more pleasant but also better care for your skin.

For a proper skin care you should use hot towels before you actually begin to shave. Doing this will soften the hairs and will make the shave a lot easier.

Following the hot towels you should use hot lather and brush. The way you use these is by lathering the now hot hairs with lather, using a good stiff brush to spread the lather on your face. This works great because the hairs get even softer and the bristle of the brush helps raise the facial hairs so as to get the best and easiest shave possible.
If you are really serious about your skin care then you could purchase a good shaving brush to help you in your shaving process. You will also be able to find products that can heat the lather and shaving lotion so you won’t have to do that manually each time you prepare for a shave.

If you are an experienced shaver then you will definitely want to use straight razors, if you aren’t doing so already. Not only will you get a good close shave but you will also have a very smooth and soft skin afterwards, like no regular razor that you are using now is able to achieve. Using a straight razor for your shave will also help you to avoid ingrown hairs.

And last but not least, the aftercare. Taking care of your skin after you have shaved is just as important, if not more important, than it was when you first started. It is very recommended that after you have finished shaving that you apply some sort of moisturizer and/or a good aftershave. But don’t use the cheap ones because they will do more harm than good.

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