The Dangers of Botox – Anti Aging Tips

by Gene Weitz on January 5, 2011

If you are considering using a treatment for anti-aging, we thought you know about the dangers of Botox.

The Dangers of Botox Anti AgingBotox has become very popular over the years, but many people are not educated as to where this anti-aging drug comes from. Botox is a neuro-toxic substance that is a derivative of the bacteria responsible for Botulism. The cosmetic industry developed the Botox shot to aid in the removal of age related fine lines. Despite the temporary nature of these shots and the possibility of poisoning, people still use this form of cosmetic enhancement to keep from looking aged.

The end result of these treatments is dramatically looking younger skin; however, the results are only temporary and multiple appointments may be necessary to achieve the look that one desires. The entire procedure takes less than fifteen minutes. Results are not immediate; it normally takes a few days for the individual to see the results.

This neuro-toxic administration works by paralyzing the muscles around the injection site. As stated, this effect is only temporary, and many injections may be needed to achieve the desired effect. Botox also comes in cream form, but the effects are very similar. Numbness and tingling may be experienced, but the side effects are temporary and normal.

The side effects of Botox treatments include stiff or unmoving area of the injection due to a toxin that is used to achieve the youthful appearance. The greatest risk one takes is obtaining the treatments from an unlicensed individual, as people have been given an overdose and have died of Botulism as a result. These stories are very few, but it is still a risk.

After treatment, the best way to alleviate any soreness or agitation is by simply applying ice to the affected areas. Over time, the effects will gradually subside and the results will be longer lasting.

Botox also has other uses. People who have facial scarring have received Botox treatments as well. Surprisingly, it is men who normally go for these non-invasive cosmetic practices over the more invasive cosmetic surgical procedures that women often choose.

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