The Idea of Beauty Has Changed Over The Years

by Gene Weitz on April 5, 2011

The idea of beauty over the years has changed dramatically, from men wearing makeup and powdered wigs to women painting pretend moles and artificially painted eyebrows on their faces. These days, “what is beautiful” means natural, eco-friendly, and healthy skin.

The Idea of Beauty Has Changed Over The Years Just over ten years ago, there was no such thing as anti aging anything. The idea of beauty was not grape seeds and antioxidants. Mineral makeup and the idea of healthy skin protection did not exist. Nothing contained the word free radicals.

Out with the Cold Cream, In with the Nutrients

Remember tissuing off cold cream and scrubbing your face with bar soap? We’ve come a long way in how to create healthy skin. Sun protection and antioxidants are the new buzzwords. Now, women and men both demand that whatever they put on their skin will protect them from sun damage, be chemical free, contain vitamins and nutrients to keep skin healthy, and most of all, be cruelty free.

Young Looking Skin Starts Young

Teen skincare used to be about little more than lip gloss and pimple creams. Today, teen beauty is intertwined with the healthy skin movement. Teenagers are being taught that the quest for young looking skin starts young – and guess who is doing the selling? Other teens! In just 20 years, grown actors and supermodels have made way for teen superstars with names like Miley and Justin. Young celebs are much more common and are marketing their own own cosmetic, skincare, and fragrance lines to their fans.

Information on Skin and Beauty

The idea of beauty has changed over the years in part because of the Internet. Not just company websites promoting the products we have always bought offline or through their advertising campaigns, but through social media marketing.

Now, there are how-to videos to teach us how to correctly put on makeup, what damages our skin and how to protect it. A ton of free samples are given out to try a product and see who is better than the competition.

The idea of beauty has changed over the years. What will the next 20 years bring?

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