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by Gene Weitz on March 2, 2011

We are foodies over here at Smart Health and are super excited to find out that there are top foods to help with anti aging! Have you ever wondered why some people are looking and feeling younger even at an older age while others are feeling very old even though they are much younger? The difference is really in what each of us eats. There is also a famous saying that states: we are what we eat. Things won’t get much simpler than this.

Top Foods To Eat To Stay Younger LookingThere are many proven foods that can keep us healthy and looking younger than ever. Some of these foods you may even be eating now and not knowing it. But even though you are eating some of these amazing foods, you will need a full diet if you want your body to stay young and get the best benefits out of them.

You can forget any pills you may find on the market stating that they can keep you looking young. Not only are they very rarely effective but you will be able to achieve the same results by having a very healthy diet only this time you will not only keep looking younger but you will be generally healthier as well.

So what are these miracle anti aging foods I have been talking about?

Berries for example are considered by many as being super foods because they are very rich in antioxidants. If you didn’t know it, antioxidants prevent free radicals from bringing any harm to your body. You will therefore be able to stay younger looking by eating lots or blackberries, blueberries and black grapes.

Garlic is another amazing food that you probably already have in your house. And although people don’t always eat garlic because they are afraid that they will smell bad, garlic is known to protect the body against cardiovascular disease and to considerably reduce the cholesterol levels in one’s body.

Avocados are great for reducing bad cholesterol and keeping your skin healthy and aging slower. You can get vitamins and minerals from nuts but they are good for many other things. Fiber and carbohydrates can be found in brown rice and wheat pasta. These give you great energy throughout the day. Also another great source of vitamins is the green vegetables that should be part of every diet.

Ginger will also help you stay young. It isn’t called the ‘root of life’ for nothing. It is especially effective in boosting the immune system and improving the circulatory system.

But whatever you decide to base your diet on, you have to remember to drink plenty of water. The secret to the success of any diet is to drink as much fluids as you can. Teas are also fine, especially the green, black or white ones as they are rich in antioxidants.

Eating A LOT of these foods will not only help you stay younger looking but most importantly, they will make you feel younger as well. And this is something that very few, if any pills are able to achieve, especially in the long run.

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