Why Antibiotics Will Not Help Your Cold

by Gene Weitz on January 18, 2011

We are adamant about this, ANTIBIOTICS WILL NOT help your cold! The first thing many people do when faced with a debilitating cold is go to their doctor and request antibiotics. Studies have shown that most people believe that antibiotics treat the common cold and do not understand what can happen if antibiotics are taken when not needed. This can create more severe health related issues.

Why Antibiotics do not work on coldsFor instance, it can cause one to develop resistance to these treatments when they are actually needed. Bacterial infections are what antibiotics were created for; they do nothing for viral infections such as the common cold. In fact, because people have taken antibiotics to treat their common cold, many strains of bacteria have developed that are now resistant to antibiotics.

Antibiotics were created to treat illness and infection caused by bacterial growth. Illnesses like strep throat, pink eye, or bronchitis respond well to antibiotic treatments. In fact, when used correctly, antibiotics can help save many lives.

There are times that an infection of a bacterial nature will show up after one has a cold. Paying attention to the type of mucus that one has can signal whether one has a bacterial infection, such as green or yellow in color. Sometimes coughing up mucus of this color is a sign that one has a bacterial infection. Also, pain in the face or eyes can be a sign as well. If one has had his or her sickness for more than a week, you should contact your physician to be tested for a bacterial infection.

One’s healthcare provider is the only person that can prescribe antibiotic treatments. Never take someone else’s antibiotics, as they are prescribed according to illness, (and only after being diagnosed) and the chances that you both have the exact same illness are very slim.

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